Mar 07, 2020, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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What We Stand For

Grassroots organizations Puente Human Rights Movement, Indigenous Peoples Day Arizona, and the US Human Rights Network are coming together with fellow activists, thought leaders, and healers to present the first WOMXN’S GATHERING//MUJERXS ENCUENTRO//U’UVĬ JENIG (collective gathering) in March 2020, on the theme “Reclaiming the Matriarch” in Phoenix, Arizona.


Our encuentro reveres womanhood and matriarchal power as the way forward on the path to decolonization. We seek to provide a safe space where relationships between individuals and communities from across Arizona and the Southwest can be strengthened; where we can harness our collective power to listen and share, heal and activate frontline leaders to continue the work forward for the next seven generations to come. 


We recognize and name the doctrine of discovery, the ideology of domination, and white supremacist capitalist patriarchy as the historical and current forces that separate us from our individual and collective power as womxn and as humans. It is these forces that create the crises we face today: intergenerational trauma; the climate catastrophe; mass incarceration; the criminalization of immigrants, and more. 


Please join us for our WOMXN’S GATHERING//MUJERXS ENCUENTRO//U’UVĬ JENIG to reclaim our history and our matriarchal power, and to create cross-community/organizational plans to action.

If you would like to apply for a financial scholarship or request to pay on a sliding scale to attend the gathering, please email: womensencuentroaz@gmail.com.

Join us for our Culture Festival Right after our first Womxn’s Gathering // Mujerxs Encuentro // U’uvĭ Jenig. An evening filled with food, vendors, music, live art, as we change the narrative through Reclaiming the Matriarch and supporting Womxn owned businesses from 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm.



Diane Ovalle

Mexica/Yoeme/ Xicana human rights activist and organizer born in California raised in West Phoenix. Co Founder of Puente Human Rights Movement focused on media and documentary photography. 15 years social service provider overseeing housing crisis in Maricopa county.

Parris Wallace

A mother of two, married to an amazing partner, living in Phoenix, Arizona. Originally a chef by trade, and an activist by night, with a long time thought partner she launched Black Phoenix Organizing Collective, a political home for Black people to build Black power.

Krissy Jo Bergen

Krissy J. Bergen is a member of the White Mountain Apache Nation born of the Bizsaha’ clan. Today she is a Licensed Associate Counselor at Apache Behavioral Health Services. Krissy is an advocate for Indigenous Resurgence by reclaiming healing practices and Indigenous foods. 

Kianna Joe

Kianna is sister to five siblings and is Dine from St. Michaels Arizona. Her work is in Social Justice and Indigenous Youth Advocacy. She is an ambassador and is on the youth board for the United Nations, where she creates strategies for social transformation and community organizing.

Isabel Garcia

Isabel Garcia was born to Mexican immigrant parents and raised in south Phoenix. Currently, Isabel serves as Operations and Finance Director at Poder In Action, a youth and womxn-of-color led organization that builds power and leaders to determine a new future free from systemic injustice and violence.

Jovana Renteria

Jovana Renteria is the Co-Executive Director for Puente Human Rights Movement. Jovana is an advocate for civil and human rights; she has worked on issues including the immigration streamline, domestic violence, SB1070, and family detention and separation. Jovana has helped keep over 450 families together by stopping their deportation.

Adrianna Gonzales

Adrianna Gonzales was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Adrianna and her family have experienced unjust altercations with the criminal justice system; including many times she witnessed her dad brutalized by police. Adrianna started organizing with Poder in Action at the age of 16. She is currently a Policy Intern at Councilmember Carlos Garcia's office

Monica Jones

Monica is a trans rights and sex workers' rights activist through her organizaton, The Outlaw Project. She is also a founding member of the US Human Rights Network Sex Workers' Rights Working Group and has traveled to the United Nations to advocate for sex workers' human rights.    

Vanessa Nosie

A dedicated loving mother of 3 daughters, employed with the San Carlos Apache Tribe Historic Preservation and Archaeology Department as the NAGPRA Project Director and Archaeology-Aide. She is a matriarch in protection of her tribe's ancestral home and sacred places and community organizer.

Sarra Tekola

Sarra Tekola is a PhD student in the School of Sustainability. Tekola is both an academic and anti-colonial climate justice & Black Lives Matter activist.  She is a co-founder and minister of activism for Black Lives Matter Phoenix Metro and cofounder of Women of Color Speak Out.

Michelle Ruiz

Michelle Ruiz was born and raised in Phoenix,A . She is a first generation college student at Phoenix College, and the daughter of migrant/ undocumented parents. At the age of 11, she was able to witness the impacts of SB1070 in her community, which ignited her activism.

Makayla Coronado

Makayla Coronado is a 16 year old student at Compadre High School. She is also a member of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe from Guadalupe Arizona. She served 3 years as a cultural participant for Yaqui ceremonies serving her community, and is part of the Lutu’uria Youth Group (LYG) in Guadalupe.

Alida Quiroz-Montiel

Alida Quiroz-Montiel is an enrolled member of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe and resides at the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. As the Director of Health & Human Services at the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona (ITCA), she provides Tribal Leaders in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah analysis on health policies.

Dr. Lian BigHorse

Dr. Lian BigHorse is the proud mother of three children, who are her greatest blessings and motivation to decolonize the American educational curriculums, protect indigenous sacred sites, and preserve cultural identity for future generations. Lian is the Youth Resiliency, Tribal Practices, and Circles of Care Program Manager for Native Health.

Karla Bautista

Karla Bautista is Trans Queer Pueblo’s Liberation coordinator. Originally from Petén, Guatemala, she fled transphobic and homophobic violence in her country in 2005 and migrated to the United States. She is the descendent of indigenous cakchiquel women who survived the US-backed Guatemalan genocide.

Veronica Torres

Veronica Torres is a Chicana from Tucson Arizona. Veronica was recently released from Perryville Women's Prison (ADOC) after serving 25 years of a life sentence. She was her own greatest ally and advocate in getting the state of Arizona to acknowledge her illegal sentence. 

Pershlie “Perci” Ami

Pershlie “Perci” Ami a member of the Hopi/Tewa Tribe, from the Village of Walpi, Az. Pershlie is an ambassador for Grandmothers who are educators, wisdom gathers/sharers, guides, messengers, and earth protectors. Pershlie works with MMIW awareness, No Fracking AZ, Arizona Legislative Day, Domestic Violence, and Partnership with Native Americans.

Tasha Rene

Tasha Rene is a formerly incarcerated woman who fights for criminal justice rights in Arizona. Tasha was convicted to life without the eligibility of parole  at age 17 and served 25 years at Perryville Women’s prison (ADOC).  During her time inPerryville, Tasha earned two associates degrees and was a core member of Humanity Behind the Walls (ASU).

Anna Rondon

Anna M. Rondon, who is Kinya aa aanii Clan and born for Nakai Dine and whose

grandparents are Tabaaha and Nakai, is a dedicated life-time advocate for the rights of Indigenous peopleToday she serves as the Project Director of the New Mexico Social Justice and Equity Institute and the McKinley Collaborative for Health Equity coordinator.